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Goodrich Instant Dry Yeast 500 Gm

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This yeast is of decent quality for it price. The yeast is very much active and alive. It is also made in India unlike yeasts like Gloripan which is made in China. There is definitely no loss in buying it. However, there are some parameters on which Gloripan yeast outdoes this yeast:
– Goodrich yeast is not as finely granular and hence appears a bit loose. Instead of 1TSp Gloripan yeast, 1.2TSp Goodrich yeast is needed to get the same weight. This is not a major concern as the packet is sold on weight not volume but it requires some adjustment in the recipe.
– Goodrich yeast does not foam as much as Gloripan yeast when added to sugar syrup. The quantity of foam remains constant even when I double the amount of yeast which is a curious case.
– Goodrich packet is not vacuum packed but only sealed airtight. This means that it has small pocket of air in it. Gloripan yeast is vacuum packed like a solid brick. I guess it is just because Chinese companies have expensive machines to do such packing while small Indian companies lack such machines. But I don’t think it affects quality as the pack is still dry and sealed airtight.
– Goodrich yeast is wheatish coloured with slight odd smell compared to creamish colour of Gloripan.

Overall, this Goodrich yeast costs Rs225 compared to Rs270 for Gloripan which is 20% expensive. For the price, the yeast is decent value for money.

Edit: This yeast degrades quickly if kept in room temperature whereas Chinese yeast stays afresh even after 6 months in room temperature. Unless one is planning to use 500g in 1-2 months, it is better to buy Chinese yeast

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